Friends and Fun!

Gigi, Emily, Christine, and I are getting so excited about the upcoming Weekend Getaway!

I wanted to start our first blog post by sharing what crafting and a weekend getaway means to me.

Just like everyone else, my life can get a bit hectic.  I am devoted to my family, my faith, and my career.  It is easy to push time with friends and one of my favorite hobbies, crafting, down on the priority list.  One thing that has helped me remain a bit more balanced (although balance has always been something I am continually working toward) is setting aside regular time to get together with my friends doing what we mutually love – crafting.

It first started many years ago when a scrapbooking group was formed at our workplace and we all showed up that first night, hesitant but filled with enthusiastic anticipation.  We knew each other casually, but not very well.  We all knew what scrapbooking was, but none of us had much experience actually doing it.  The four of us showed up regularly, month after month.  We learned together about things such as page layouts, color selection, card making, and Cricut machines.  We discovered new techniques, like embossing and inking.  We were also together on the fateful night when we discovered Pinterest and absolutely no crafting got accomplished because we were all too focused on searching out and pinning great ideas!

The truth is, if I am being very honest, there are some months when we don’t actually get a whole lot of crafting done (gasp), because we are just enjoying the time to chat, catch up, and decompress from a long week.  Some evenings, no papercrafting gets done because we are all engaged in some other form of crafting, including working on Pinterest-inspired projects.  We have also learned we do not do a lot of crafting outside of being together because it is so much more fun to have someone with whom to share ideas and suggestions.

Recently, as life has become even busier, we started attending weekend crafting getaways both in and outside of the Rochester area.  During our most recent weekend, we started thinking about all of the wonderful things we would combine about all of our different experiences to create a weekend crafting event of our own, in our own city – and 4 Crafty Hearts was born!

Gigi, Emily, Christine, and I are each very different.  We are in different places in life, we have different beliefs and ideas about the world, and we bring our own unique perspectives to our friendship.  Through the years, we have shared so much of life together as well…supporting each other in happy times and in times of difficulty.  Our bond has become so much more than helping each other with a page layout.  Our friendship is centered on sharing life and sharing a common interest.

For me, this is what a crafting weekend getaway is all about – spending time with others who share a common interest, getting away for a bit, relaxing, creating new memories, and having a whole lot of fun!  We are getting increasing energized about the upcoming getaway and hope you will consider joining us for a weekend of fun, friendship, and creativity!

Happy Crafting!