Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward To Our Crop

True confession.  I’ve had a countdown going for months…  But, at long last, in 6 short days we’ll be enjoying our crafting weekend in Rochester!  I have SO many reasons why I’m looking forward to our event!

Here are my top ten reasons why I’m looking forward to our crop:

10. It’s a break from responsibilities!

9. It’s a time to purchase some new scrapbooking supplies.  Don’t we always need more?

8. I’m looking forward to learning new techniques during the make-and-takes.

7. Taking time out to get pampered!

6. Having the chance to stay up as late as I’d like, doing what I love.  Scrapbooking!

5. Spreading out all my supplies and not having to pack it up all weekend.

4. Putting Pinterest-ideas to work!

3. I have no fewer than 5 projects that need some work done on them to be at least started.

2. I’ll be participating in my first Shoebox Swap.  I’m really looking forward to giving it a try!  I was a little overambitious, and made 3 cards to share!!

1. Spending time with my friends (Where else can ladies wear matching shirts and not look goofy?), and meeting new people!