Fall 2014 Inspiration Board #5

We are gearing up for our Winter 2015 Getaway happening in less than two weeks!!  Here are our thoughts on Inspiration Board #5 from our Fall 2014 Getaway!  🙂


e board

 Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


 I had no idea what I wanted to do when I started this layout. I loved the snowflake paper, so I made the two pieces to go across the pages. Then I made a bunch of different snowflakes on two different shades of blue paper with white embossing powder. So pretty! Ok…now where do I put them? I decided that one page needed a large focal point picture and the ribbon seemed like a nice touch. (I made sure not to secure it to the paper in front so that a picture can be added later.) Two pictures on the opposite side seemed like a good balance and from there the snowflakes just fell into place!


This card was going to have the blue paper as a frame for the whole thing, but when I cut it on the Big Shot it didn’t come out right. Bummer. Plan B! I decided to use scraps of silver ribbon to fill in the border. I love this paper, so then I was stuck about what to do in the middle. You can’t cover up too much of the cute paper, right? The card ended up being a bit random, but I do love the little “joy” stamped on the bottom.


Another idea from Pinterest! This one was not as simple and easy as it looked. I used different sized circle punches to create the snowman, but I had to do a few practice runs on scrap paper to get it just right. Pinterest recommended a way to do the hat, but I ended up just using my scissors.


This is a bookmark that could also be used as a gift tag! I love how the little reindeer look like they belong on a Christmas sweater. The embossed snowflakes were not supposed to be so messy, but it works! (I’m still working on this whole embossing thing and I haven’t mastered using my embossing buddy yet!) What is an embossing buddy? Come to one of our events and find out!


Ah- this card is so cute and so SIMPLE! Just a rectangle of paper, a little ribbon, stamp some snowflakes across the bottom and you are DONE! I could see doing this same technique with flowered paper and a flower stamp. Lots of possibilities!

_DSC4402I did not originally stamp “Merry Christmas” this large on the card. It was smaller, but it did not look right. No problem, just cover it up! I stamped it in gold ink, but I have to admit that I went over it with a gold ink pen because it was not sparkly enough for me. I also used the gold pen to add some sparkle to the ornaments. Tiny bows are tricky and I am so happy that these came out just right!