Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #3

We are on a roll!  We continue on our Inspiration Board Journey with the third board.

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Here is board #3:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


I really love the papers in this collection and have tried to find ways to highlight my favorites!  The striped rectangle on the top of the right page is an envelope.  Inside is a card that can be used to journal a special memory or sentiment!


I know what you’re wondering, and yes, they do spin!  A whimsical way to highlight two fabulous sides of a paper!


I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, loved it, and made it my own!  I rolled the paper around a marker to be sure the paper candles were uniformly made.  And of course, any type of bills can be used…the bigger the better :)!


I can’t get enough of the double sided paper!  This is a simple way to highlight it.  It is made out of 5 rectangles with three folded one direction and two folded the other direction.  Put them together and you have this 3-dimensional chevron-inspired card!


I love using the fringe scissors, especially to create the feeling of grass.  This pinwheel makes me wish summer was closer than it really is!


I love how this card highlights the double sided paper, along with a surprise inside.  I had to do a little internet research to be sure I was folding the paper correctly.  The trick is to insert a surprise in the middle to cover the fold/guide lines :).  It is difficult to see in the picture – the sentiment reads, “Always thinking of you.”

Next time we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!