Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #6

Happy and bright creations make up this Inspiration Board!  We hope you enjoy!

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Have fun with board #6:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


I really wanted to use the colorful striped paper as a background for my layout, but I only had two pieces and I already used some of it! Oops! So, I decided to cut sections and glue them onto the pink paper. Not as simple as it sounds… After some trial and error, I was able to get the pieces to go across the pages, but they are not the same size and do not line up across the pages. Oh well! “Let it gooooo…..”


Pinterest steal! How cute are these flowers tumbling out of the jar? I wanted to do something different with ribbon, so I decided to layer two different colors. It made it a little tricky to tie a bow and it looks a little lumpy, but the colors are nice. Some of the flowers are just stamped and others have been punched out.


This card is so simple and versatile. The bright blue and yellow are cheerful and perfect for a variety of sentiments. The mason jar stamp set was easy to use and layer the different parts of the flowers. I used a corner rounder to give the card a little bit of a different shape.


It doesn’t get much easier than this card! I used the “Thank YOU!” from the border page, two pieces of paper, and a little ribbon. The yellow has some embossed polka dots.


I love the chalkboard tag on this card because the white chalkboard ink stands out nicely on the black. (I’m not in love with colored chalkboard ink yet. It doesn’t seem to have the same impact, but I did use it on the next card.) You could make this card with 4 different patterns or many other different combinations of colors.

_DSC5988     _DSC5989

I made this envelope…out of CIRCLES! The envelope is 4 circles cut on the Big Shot, then they are folded in half. The tricky part is layering them close together so that they create a square. I ended up with a little space in the center, so there is a tiny punched out star on the inside! After I made the envelope, I measured it so I could make a matching card.

Next week we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!