Fall 2015 Inspiration Board #4


whole board

3 stripe layout

This layout horizontally divides three fun aspects of fall, including apples, pumpkins and leaves, and Thanksgiving!  It allows you to showcase all of your pictures from this special time of year.

brushstroke pumpkins

This card makes me think about watercolor pumpkins…so fun and simple to make!

spooky greetings

This 3-dimensional card combines many different crafting elements to create a seemingly textured way to send a spooky hello!

grateful for you pumpkin

The pumpkin literally pops in this card!  A marker was used around the oval edges to make it more defined.  Thin ribbon was folded over to create the pumpkin stem.  And, you don’t always have to use ribbon to make a bow.  The orange ribbon was knotted in the back of the paper and then a small piece of tine was knotted in the front to create this “bow effect.”

boo to you

Boo to you!  Don’t be afraid of these scary faces.  They are just helping to send along scary greetings to those you love!

snowman tags

These tags were so fun to make…fall colors in tag-style with a shout-out to snow!