Winter 2016 Inspiration Board #5

Here is the next installment of our Winter 2016 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!



At first, I must admit, I was a little worried about using orange and pink together.  I wasn’t quite sure that I liked how they paired together.  However, the more I tried different color and pattern combinations, the more I kept coming back to the orange/pink combo!  The camper sticker is too stinkin’ cute, and did you catch the little butterflies?  They’re just made with a small heart punch!


I sure do love me a card with a bow on it!  Particularly when it’s made by using my bow builder punch.  Love that thing!


Despite it’s appearance, this card is a simple top-fold design.  I like how it looks complicated, with lots of layers, but really it’s just a few patterned triangles added to the sides of the card.  🙂


This card makes me smile every time I look at it.  I adore that turtle, plowing ahead at break-neck speed with his little banner flying behind him.  And with this sentiment it could be given to someone going off to college, moving, starting a new job, or even just a reminder to enjoy every day.


Don’t we all appreciate hearing that you’ve brightened someone’s day?  I sure do!


I like the diagonal lines on this card, but I must admit, the middle stripe is blue ribbon, not paper, and it gave me a run for my money…didn’t want to lay flat, really didn’t want to be on that angle, kept wrinkling, etc.  I think though I eventually got it to look how I wanted it.  This would be the perfect reminder to a friend or loved one how much they mean to you.

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂