Winter 2017 Inspiration Board #3

Here is the next installment of our Winter 2017 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!


I got the idea for these pages from other layouts, but then I made them my own.  I wanted to make a banner with the twine, but wasn’t sure what to use for flags, then I realized I could cut the flags from the pirate flags and hang them as a banner. I love the background paper, and really like the way the pages tie in together. I tried to make some of the cards tie in with the layout.

I really liked the stripes, can you tell???

I really liked using the twine behind the card’s saying which I have done before on horizontal cards, but I decided to try and use this idea on a vertical card.

I love this card with the idea taken from the squares on the layout.  I knew I wanted to use the sun face and what better place to put it!

This card just came together so nicely!  I really love it when the ideas for my cards are all my own!!! This started as triangles and then I just added the center piece.  Once I was done it still needed something. Since I have trouble with bows I needed to do something with the ribbon and just crossing it over worked really well.

I was able to tie in the flag borders from the layout with this card. I also used as many patterns of paper as I could!  When I got to the end I still needed a stamp, but where to put it without taking away from the flag??? Oh, right I could use white ink on the black!  Yay!!

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂