Fall 2017 Inspiration Board #1

At our Fall Getaway, our theme and welcome gift was all about FALL!!  Over the next few months we will be sharing our Inspiration Board projects we created with paper and embellishments from the welcome gift.  We hope you enjoy!

I have recently been challenging myself to do Inspiration Board projects that are not correlated with the paper theme…so why not make a holiday layout with fall paper?!?!  This layout provides a fun, simple way to showcase your holiday photo memories.

This was a fast, easy card to put together.  It includes cute paper patterns and stickers…easy peasy!

What does the fox say?  In this case, “Thankful!”

This may look like an ordinary card, but it is quire extraordinary.  When the ribbon is removed, the card opens to reveal extra space for your extra special message.  It you search YouTube, it is known as a Squash Card (like the fruit, except not a fruit 🙂 ).

I’ve been wanting to do a starburst card for a while, and once I did it, I realized how easy it is to do.  It only involved 6 rectangles cut on the diagonal to create a beautiful, sunny design.

I channeled my inner quilter to create this look.  It is completed with a special sentiment.

Stay tuned for more inspiring inspiration board inspirations coming soon!