Fall 2017 Inspiration Board #2

Here’s the newest installment of our Fall Inspiration Boards…Enjoy!

When I saw this beautiful fall layout, I knew I had to replicate it.  Not knowing exactly how to make the leaf cutouts, I made a stencil, laminated it, and went from there.  I also love how the tags that spell “Thankful” spill from one page to the next!

This is one of the quickest cards I’ve ever made.  I love how the patterns work together to create a warm feeling.

This is the first retirement card I’ve ever made and I kind of love it!  When I think of retirement (haha!), I envision moving at a slower pace, enjoying the fall colors, and splashing in puddles!

Twist and Pop!  This unique folding card will surprise you when opened.  The middle section literally twists and pops out, revealing more space to enjoy!  While easy to create, it makes a big impact!

I am a sucker for good puns and this one “cracks” me up!

Who doesn’t love a good mason jar image?  This one is full of them and is simple to make using coordinated stickers.

Coming soon…the next fall inspiration spread :).