Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #7

We had a blast coming up with so many different ways to use the paper from our welcome gifts!  

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Here is our 7th and final board:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


I got the banner idea from Pinterest, but wanted to create my own page and not a replica of someone else’s page.  I wanted to use the busy flower pattern, and tried to match the colors. I used the flower stamps with multiple colors which looked really cool then I used a punch to cut the flowers.


I loved the way the flowers turned out so much I had to use them for cards too!  I made the Thanks with a framelit using the Bigshot.


I loved the layered look with the chalk paper.


I wanted to make use of the chalkboard paper- the chalk ink worked really well.


I found this bird punch and had to use it somewhere! There’s my multi-colored flower again!  It fits anywhere!!


I like to make use of as much of our paper and sayings as possible!  I found this butterfly punch and used it in my cards for my card swap, but wanted to use it for the Inspiration Board as well.  What you can’t see is that the butterfly is a 3 layer punch!!

We hope you have enjoyed seeing our photos and hearing our thoughts on our projects!

Up next you’ll get a peek at the amazing cards that were made during our Shoebox Swap!

Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #5

In this post, you will see several 3-Dimensional projects as well as nine, yes NINE, cards! 🙂

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Have fun with board #5:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


This was probably the quickest project to do, and yet, it’s one of my favorites! While it certainly has a Valentine’s Day feel to it, I would leave it up as a decoration well past February!


This basket looks difficult, but it was so easy to do, thanks to a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  Check it out here.  It’s so cute, I had to stop myself from making more!


There’s lots of layering going on here, but nothing too difficult.  I love everything chevron, and was excited to use this patterned paper, but felt like it needed to be covered up at least a little so it wasn’t too overwhelming.  And the sentiment, while I must admit my first thought is of Toy Story, is so sweet, and don’t we all know a friend that could use a pick-me-up once in a while?  I think this card would do the trick.


This treat basket is another idea I found on Pinterest.  (Click here to see the fabulous tutorial!)  It was so quick and easy to do.  I can see whipping up several of these for an upcoming baby shower or birthday party to fill with little chocolates or treats.


Gender-neutral baby cards seem to be difficult for me to execute well.  I tend to go over-the-top blue or all-in pink.  Though, I think with lots of white and a touch of navy and yellow I was able to hit the spot!


I’m always looking for more ways to use my punches.  I love my curly label punch, but it doesn’t tend to be one that I use much.  I really like mixing it up and putting the shapes at an angle.  It wasn’t difficult to do, and I love the effect it gives.  The sentiment could be easily switched out for many different occasions.


The stripes, colors, banner, and bicycle all make this the perfect card to give to someone “just because.”  It’s bright and cheery, and makes me smile.  The finishing touch I like are the mini brads to anchor the twine for the banners!


This card was created by using the little scraps from the edges of paper.  And you’d never know these colorful patterned pieces are small enough they’d usually end up in the trash.  Here they are used purposefully, in bold patterned strips.  I like the addition of the chalkboard tag too.  I decided to write “celebrate”  with my chalkboard marker, but Happy Birthday, You’re #1,  and Congrats would all look great on the tag too!


I’m always searching for new ways to use my envelope punch board, but in this case I used it in the very traditional sense.  To simply make an envelope.  But, instead of adhering the three flaps together to make a regular envelope, I left them open, and put a sentiment inside.  Then when you’re ready to give the card to someone you just fold in the flaps and add a little belly band around it to keep it closed.


This card all started with my desire to use a new decorative edge punch I had purchased.  I had a hard time with it, because although I love the punch, the lacy-feel seemed to overwhelm the card.  I think I made it work by setting it behind the envelope, and I like the look of the hearts “floating” out of the envelope.  (Did you notice I used my envelope punch board…again!) 🙂

Next time we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!

Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #4

In this post, you will get to see some different papers and ideas featured…so fun!

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Have fun with board #4:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


Ever since I saw this Best.Day.Ever. stamp I knew I needed to have it! 🙂  I like the mix of colors and patterns in this layout.  I even “made” the buttons with a button stamp, circle punch, and a bit of foam adhesive to add some dimension.


This whimsical vegetable patterned paper cracks me up!  It was begging for a clever pun, and I think I found the perfect one!  Do you dig it?


The bow builder punch is a great addition to my collection of punches.  It’s so easy to make cute and easy bows- and the bow is the perfect addition to this simple card.


I’ve been wanting to try a card like this…with a center opening and a cut-out so you can peek inside.  It’s simple, and yet, it’s a little different, which makes it special.


This pink border strip makes such an impact on this card.  And since our paper pack is spring-themed I thought I’d add a few butterflies (with foam adhesive and wings curled slightly to add dimension!).


This card is one of my favorites!  I love the sweet sentiment.  It’s a perfect card to give someone any time you’re thinking of them!  Did you notice the paper piercing detail around the edge?  It felt like it needed just a little something extra, and I think that detail hits the spot.

Next time we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!

Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #3

We are on a roll!  We continue on our Inspiration Board Journey with the third board.

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Here is board #3:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


I really love the papers in this collection and have tried to find ways to highlight my favorites!  The striped rectangle on the top of the right page is an envelope.  Inside is a card that can be used to journal a special memory or sentiment!


I know what you’re wondering, and yes, they do spin!  A whimsical way to highlight two fabulous sides of a paper!


I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, loved it, and made it my own!  I rolled the paper around a marker to be sure the paper candles were uniformly made.  And of course, any type of bills can be used…the bigger the better :)!


I can’t get enough of the double sided paper!  This is a simple way to highlight it.  It is made out of 5 rectangles with three folded one direction and two folded the other direction.  Put them together and you have this 3-dimensional chevron-inspired card!


I love using the fringe scissors, especially to create the feeling of grass.  This pinwheel makes me wish summer was closer than it really is!


I love how this card highlights the double sided paper, along with a surprise inside.  I had to do a little internet research to be sure I was folding the paper correctly.  The trick is to insert a surprise in the middle to cover the fold/guide lines :).  It is difficult to see in the picture – the sentiment reads, “Always thinking of you.”

Next time we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!

Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #2

Time for another Inspiration Board with our new welcome kit paper and embellishments…How fun!

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Here is board #2:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


This was truly the last project I did when I made my inspiration boards…what a great way to use all of the scraps you may have hanging around!  Recycling at its finest!  I can visualize pictures of my children with their sun-kissed faces throughout this colorful layout!


I wish you could see this in real life…The hexagon wheel actually spins!!!  I used a hexagon punch along with some careful folding to create this 3-dimensional, interactive gem!


I want you to see this one in real life too!!  It highlights the double-sided paper with the fold at the top.  The inner card in the pocket comes out for you to write your message.  Fun, fun, fun!


A colorful, encouraging card!  I love the rain boots with a splash of yellow!

_DSC5867  _DSC5868

It is a little tricky to see the detail in this simple card.  Each paper column is layered with three banners and the image is stamped on chalkboard paper using yellow chalkboard ink.


You may be noting a theme with the cloudy day embossing on these cards…I just couldn’t help myself!  When a paper collection includes umbrellas, it is hard to resist rain and spring themes!

Next time we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!

Winter 2015 Inspiration Board #1

We just had our winter getaway and we have been newly inspired with our paper and embellishments from the Welcome Kit!  Here is the first board in this new series…Enjoy!

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Here is board #1:



Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


I have had a vision of using the file tab framelit to make a stacked layout for photographs and I love how this turned out!  It’s a great way to get even more pictures onto a page…something I am always trying to do because I can never narrow down my favorites :).  What you can’t see in the picture is the fun polka-dot paper underneath each of the paper tabs and the message on the tag – “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!”


I have been waiting for an opportunity to use my bow-builder punch and this was the perfect time…simple and fun, accented with green polka-dots peeking around the edges.


A great way to use the pinwheel die cut!  I did not have any sticks on hand, so it is made out of rolled up paper.  This card makes me think SPRING!


I never have enough cards for baby showers in my collection and this is perfect for just that!  Simple and perfect for a boy or a girl!  What may be difficult to see in the picture is the small heart on the alligator image, which I highlighted with a dot of Crystal Effects on each.


Can you see it?!?  This card feels a little camouflaged, and I love it!  A simple way to make a bandage and send love to someone not feeling well.


Here in New York, we are stuck in the heart of winter and we cannot wait to break out our umbrellas soon!!!  I love this simple card with a repeating image, as well as the supportive message.  I used Crystal Effects on all the polka-dots in each umbrella to give it a bit of texture, too.

Next week we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!

Fall 2014 Inspiration Board #1

Yesterday we shared information about the Inspiration Boards that we have at all of our 4 Crafty Hearts Getaways.

Each week we will share one of the Inspiration Boards that were displayed at our Fall 2014 crop, and share some of our thoughts on our projects.

Here is the first Inspiration Board for your viewing pleasure:


Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…



I’m proud of this layout.  The pretty trees in the background make a wonderful backdrop for a simple layout where the patterns can be front and center and the Winter Wishes sentiment can float across the pages.



I love the “triptych” feel of the snowflakes stamped across the three tags in lots of shades of blue.  A triptych is very easy to accomplish.  Stamp a design on a sheet of white card stock, cut into thirds, and separate the thirds by a small space.  It’s that easy!



I’m slightly completely obsessed with my envelope punch board!!  I used it to make this file folder card.  Love, love, love it!



To mix things up a bit, I wanted this card to open off-center.  I love how it turned out with the ribbon closure!



Ah…my snowman card.  I’m proud of the change in perspective.  While this idea isn’t novel, I am happy with how it turned out.  Three different sized circle punches, a few scraps for the scarf and arms, black and orange markers, and there you have it! A super adorable card!



I was able to use so many scraps to complete this card!  It was super fast and easy to accomplish, with high impact.


I hope you enjoyed these projects! A pdf of the “guide” for this board will be emailed to all crafters who were at our November crop! 🙂

Fall 2014 Inspiration Board #2

Last week we introduced you to our Inspiration Boards.  For more information, click here.

Here’s Inspiration Board #2:


j board 2

Behind the Project: What the pictures don’t tell you…


My favorite layout to make!!!  I used an ornament punch and went to town punching all of the patterned paper I had in two different color schemes.  All it needed was a bow on top!


Working with double-sided paper is always fun!  This was the first card I made for the board to show how simple it can be to incorporate two coordinating colors and patterns in one card – just cut and fold!


Not sure what to do with those random pieces of left-over paper?  Make a card!  Here is one I was able to piece together :).


Every once in while, it feels good to finish a project in under five minutes and this card is perfect for that!  Mix two coordinating colors with one die and viola!


True confession…this one looked better in my head at first and I re-made the bird at least five times…ahh!  I do really like how it turned out, however.  Sometimes, you just gotta keep on keepin’ on!

Next week we’ll have another Inspiration Board to share with you!