Winter 2017 Inspiration Board #6

Here is the last installment of our Winter 2017 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!



Oh, how I love these octopuses!!  They just had to be on a layout!!  The one featured on the right is made using a TOTES ADORB octopus die…eeek!!!!

In the previous blog post, a game was mentioned where a holiday was identified and then a card was created from the welcome gift.  We present….the ugly holiday sweater card!!!  Haha!  But, the argument for “ugly” is hard to uphold with this adorable little octopus on the front.  The sweater was made from the cable knit embossing folder…so fun!

The game continues….BIRTHDAY!!   I could not let this welcome gift go by without pairing the blue and teal…such an amazing color combination!


The theme of Halloween was given in jest and I was told it couldn’t be done…well look at that!  An adorable, spooky Halloween card from paper intended for pirates!

These stripes were calling out to be used for a birthday…Enjoy!

This was actually the first card I made with the paper pack…I just love the hardwood look, especially with a bushel of apples!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our Inspiration Board Projects! 🙂

Winter 2017 Inspiration Board #5

Here is the next installment of our Winter 2017 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!


I really wanted to make a layout with the treasure map paper….and adding black and the thick rope seemed like the perfect contrast!  I created a criss-cross shape on the left side to mimic the X-marks-the-spot on the right and feels like the perfect way to highlight the little pirate in your life :).

How I adore this card!  A simple message for a sweet new one!

There have been a lot of unfortunate circumstances in my life lately and I am always looking for encouraging cards to share.  This one uses a heartfelt sentiment and image that I colored in with markers.  I know this one will bring sunshine to someone’s day!

True confessions….I had difficulty coming up with pirate themed cards and decided to stay away from this theme to show the versatility of the paper.  When we were all crafting together, I would ask my friends to call out a random holiday and then I would attempt to make a card using our welcome paper….First up in our game: Easter/spring.

If you look closely, you will notice the black banner goes behind the sentiment card and the teal banner goes in front…Fancy!


Next up in the game was Valentine’s Day/love…and I ended up LOVING this card.  Fun and simple!

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂

Winter 2017 Inspiration Board #4

Here is the next installment of our Winter 2017 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!


I loved using the hardwood paper as the background for my layout!  The anchors, compass, and wheel add nice nautical touches, but I must say, my favorite part is the porthole!  Those brads were the perfect addition.

My handsome little octopus is all dressed up and ready to party!

I think this sentiment would make the perfect card for someone who is starting a new job, graduating, or maybe moving.

I decided not to add a sentiment to this card.  Between the different patterns and embellishments I thought it was busy enough.  🙂

I have seen this design on Pinterest projects before, but haven’t attempted it, until now!  It was really pretty easy!  It starts with four rectangles that are cut across from opposite corners.  Then you arrange the pieces to meet up under an off-center circle, and cut off any extra paper that hangs off the edge.

Best Fishes.  Still cracks me up!  🙂  And of course, I had to use my envelope punch board to make a coordinating envelope!


I just had to get a 3-Dimensional project in here!  It was really quite easy, thanks to the Stampin’ Up! Keepsake Box Die.  Add a little tag, a few embellishments, and voila!  A cute way to give someone a little treat.

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂

Winter 2017 Inspiration Board #3

Here is the next installment of our Winter 2017 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!


I got the idea for these pages from other layouts, but then I made them my own.  I wanted to make a banner with the twine, but wasn’t sure what to use for flags, then I realized I could cut the flags from the pirate flags and hang them as a banner. I love the background paper, and really like the way the pages tie in together. I tried to make some of the cards tie in with the layout.

I really liked the stripes, can you tell???

I really liked using the twine behind the card’s saying which I have done before on horizontal cards, but I decided to try and use this idea on a vertical card.

I love this card with the idea taken from the squares on the layout.  I knew I wanted to use the sun face and what better place to put it!

This card just came together so nicely!  I really love it when the ideas for my cards are all my own!!! This started as triangles and then I just added the center piece.  Once I was done it still needed something. Since I have trouble with bows I needed to do something with the ribbon and just crossing it over worked really well.

I was able to tie in the flag borders from the layout with this card. I also used as many patterns of paper as I could!  When I got to the end I still needed a stamp, but where to put it without taking away from the flag??? Oh, right I could use white ink on the black!  Yay!!

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂

Fall 2016 Inspiration Board #6

Here is the last group of projects from our Fall 2016 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!


When I first saw this paper, I thought, “What could I possibly do with do with this paper???” Then I decided to use as much paper as I could on one layout. but how??? I decided to use it as borders around the edges of the layouts and edges of the pictures.  It all came together when I put the words “Fabulous,  Today, Tomorrow, Everyday, Together, Forever”

I love this pattern of a card, with the yarn behind the setting.

This has to be my favorite stamp! A simple card, with an amazing saying.

I really enjoyed using arrows on these layouts. I think they really make the Hooray sign standout.

We had taken a class with Jen using scraps of paper and I decided to try it with this card.

I like being able to use as many patterns as I can.

Even though this card was very, very time consuming, I think it is one of my favorites. I liked being able to use the arrows on the sides for borders. The words I stamped blended well with the colors and the word BEST from the pattern pages.

Fall 2016 Inspiration Board #8

Here is the last installment of our Fall 2016 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Goodnight! I did some fussy cutting of the journaling cards to get a title for each picture. I can envision some cute baby pictures throughout the day. The journaling cards also had some lists which would be perfect for writing some of baby’s firsts.


I love this Stampin’ Up Snowflake Card Thinlits die! The double-sided paper made it tricky to cover up parts that I didn’t want shown. I recommend using paper that you like both sides. 🙂

This pinwheel card is so versatile and easy! Just overlap some squares and you’re done! Change up the paper and the sentiment and you could use this for any occasion.

This would be the perfect card for a little ballerina’s birthday! The ballerina was stamped in black and then colored in with markers. It is hard to tell in the picture, but she is surrounded by glitter embossed “snow” in her snow globe.

What do you do with paper that has the days of the week on it? Love you always! This peek-a-boo card is also a great way to highlight double-sided paper.

Ripping white paper is a quick and easy way to make snowy hills. The trees and the bird were also made from white paper, stamped and punched. Gotta love a little embossing in the background!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our Inspiration Board Projects! 🙂

Fall 2016 Inspiration Board #5

Here is the next installment of our Fall 2016 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!

This layout was a lot of fun to make!  I made sure to include all the traditional party elements- party hats, balloons, and of course, cupcakes!  I think my favorite part are the little puffs at the top of the party hats!  🙂

I love that this sentiment can be used in such a variety of ways!  Birthday, promotion, graduation, new baby!  What may be difficult to see in the picture is the slight “splatter” on the background that adds a little dimension and interest to the background.

The wood grain embossing is just the right touch for a group of leaves. The leaves needed a little careful gluing before tying them with the twine.

This card does not fold exactly in half! It’s cut so that the inside shows a little bit and the check mark paper is added as an accent on the bottom edge.

I just had to find a way to use the paint pallete diecut. The paint splatter stamp was a perfect fit! The pieces of the paint brush are very tiny and hard to put together, but the end result is adorable!

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂

Fall 2016 Inspiration Board #7

Here is the next installment of our Fall 2016 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!

I don’t usually use diagonal paper, but I tried on this layout on the one side and it turned out great. I tried to incorporate arrows on both sides.

I like how I used the lined piece with the patterned piece.  The ribbon matches the lined piece.

I love this circle card.  It is my new favorite! It is so cool to open up.  I found a way to make it longer which I like better than the original.

This is a simple card, but I wanted to show off the embossing.

Looking at the punches, I saw the star border and decided to use that.  When I went to put diamonds on the card it didn’t look right so I used  stars instead. One star wasn’t enough so I decided to layer it.  I really like how it turned out.

Fall 2016 Inspiration Board #4

Here is the next installment of our Fall 2016 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!

Do you have a lot of little scraps laying around after you make a few projects with a paper pack?  Me too!  Here is a fun way to use them up and add detail to a layout.

This card takes some time to cut and put together, but the result is simply fun!  A few scribble circle die-cuts, add a warm scarf, and you are ready to send winter greetings!

More scribbles again!  This time, they are pumpkins :).  Using the patterned orange paper in the pack gives them subtle dimension, along with two tiny bows!

I had to work up some courage for this sweet card…you see, the hot air balloon baskets are hand-drawn.  I am certainly not an artist, but I took a risk and tried my hand at this fun design.  And the sentiment…do you see what I did there?!?

These spiders are anything but creepy.  Here is a simple, yet fun way to celebrate this spooky time of year.  Continuing on the hand-drawn kick, I used a thin marker to make the spider web silk and spider legs.

The tree branches on this card are made from a stamp that is a watercolor “swoosh” design.  By indenting each image, it creates a layered tree effect.

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂

Fall 2016 Inspiration Board #3

Here is the next installment of our Fall 2016 Inspiration Board Collection…Enjoy!

The design on the right side of this layout is super simple to make.  Just cut four square pieces of double-sided paper, cut on the diagonal, and flip one side over to create a background that is fun and colorful.

I think I have fallen in love with paper that lists the days of the week :).  It is featured on this card in two different ways, along with a welcoming sentiment.

Celebrate the holiday season with some shopping?  Yes, please!  Just adhere some tissue pieces behind pieces of paper, add a thread handle, and you are ready to go!

In addition to the watercolor circles in the background, the turquoise paper strip is also embossed with polka dots to help celebrate whatever fun occasion comes your way!

Did I mention I love the days of the week paper?  Here is another way to use it…pair it with simple banners, a fun sentiment, and, of course, a tiny bow.

The multiple layers in the simple card help it stand out.  And the dimensional sentiment and circular paper clip add to the effect.

Stay tuned for even more Inspiration Board projects!  🙂