What can I expect during a 4 Crafty Hearts weekend getaway?

Plan on a weekend filled with quality “work” time, fun with friends, and time to relax and pamper yourself! We are committed to giving you a weekend you will fondly remember!

What should I bring?

Plan to bring the materials you will need to complete whatever projects you think you can reasonably complete in a weekend. We recommend dressing in layers and comfortable clothing to provide you maximum relaxation. Practical things you may want to consider include a small trash bag, closed container for beverages, a light, an extension cord/power strip, and your creativity!

Who will I sit with?

We are all about having fun, so we work hard to make sure you are sitting with your friends throughout the weekend! Please indicate the names of your preferred table-mates on your registration form.

Do I have to pack up my supplies each day?

Not at all! We offer ’round-the-clock access to the craft room, with full supervision at all times!

How much space will I have?

Everyone will have at least ½ of a 6 or 8 foot table, depending on hotel inventory and the number of participants who register.