Shoebox Swap Cards!

As we prepare for our upcoming event, including getting ready for the Shoebox Swap, we’ve enjoyed coming back to the cards that our talented crafters shared during our last two crops!  We are constantly amazed by everyone’s creativity!

Enjoy looking through their cards!

Who wouldn’t love receiving a black and white polka-dotted monster card?!?  #itsscarycute

This vibrant card is filled with spirit and sparkle!

Tiny red, black, and white banners are the perfect way to show someone you love them!

We love the color and pattern on this one…perfect for fall, grateful days.

Washi tape provides the perfect way to create a vertical sentiment on any card.


It’s like looking out a window, enjoying a beautiful outdoor scene.

Even if you don’t love real snow, you will love winter greetings within this special card.

Simple and muted, a sweet way to send birthday greetings.

It may be hard to see in the picture, but the outside corners of each square are curled up, creating dimension that won’t cost you more postage.  A small cork in the center provides the perfect finishing touch.

The patterned paper on this one is really special and the sentiment compliments it beautifully.  And who can resist a little gold sparkle in their twine :).

This card features amazing die-cut work, complete with silver cording to finish it off.

We mustache you a question…is this an adorable card, or what?!?

There were multiple options for paper choices, and if you look closely, you will notice the circles are stitched together for a unique detail.

Who doesn’t love Legos?!?  #totesadorbs


Winter is the key for this one.  It features a raised image on the top and snowman silhouettes that have been punched out of snowflake paper on the bottom.


Oh my goodness, these birds are so sweet!


…then we’ll be new friends!


It’s hard to see, but the heart is filled with a pop of red glitter.

DSC_2240 DSC_2241

This sweet card has a meaningful message inside.

DSC_2242 DSC_2243

A card that also looks like a box.  đź™‚

DSC_2244 DSC_2251

How can you go wrong with ice cream on a card!?


This monochromatic card lets someone you love know how much you care!


We are lovin’ this paisley print!


The watercolor behind this intricate fish brings visions of sunny days on the beach!


Who wouldn’t love to receive this adorable turtle when they weren’t feeling well?


A sweet way to share healing thoughts.


These hexagons jump right off the page!

We can’t wait to see what everyone made for our next event! 🙂

Fall 2015 Getaway Shoebox Swap

As we prepare for our upcoming event, including getting ready for the Shoebox Swap, we’ve enjoyed coming back to the cards that our talented crafters shared in October!  We are constantly amazed by everyone’s creativity!

Enjoy looking through their cards!


It’s hard to see in the picture, but there are diagonal score lines which make it look quilted.


This clever card opens in the middle to a surprise inside!


Eek!!  Notice how the sentiment reflects the image :).


Sweet and colorful by design.


Thinking of you, through every season.

_DSC0702     _DSC0703

We are blown away by these cards in motion.


This card feels like we are looking out the window at the beautiful display we see each fall.


How can an apology not be accepted with a cute card like this???


Beautiful floral design to make someone smile on their birthday.


This stately card is perfect to celebrate an amazing milestone!


This black and white card stands out, with a little bling to give it some extra sparkle.


This card captures a vintage spirit!


The colorful polka dot pattern, combined with the ribbon, gives a playful feel to this card.


Bright and colorful…what more could you ask for?!?

We can’t wait to see what everyone made for the next event! 🙂

Winter 2015 Getaway Shoebox Swap

As we prepare for our upcoming event, including getting ready for the Shoebox Swap, we’ve enjoyed coming back to the cards that our talented crafters shared in February! We are constantly amazed by everyone’s creativity!

Enjoy looking through their cards! Continue reading

Inspiration Board Projects

At every 4 Crafty Hearts Getaway all participants receive a welcome gift.  In this gift is LOTS of double-sided patterned paper, card stock, envelopes, and embellishments including ribbon, twine, and buttons.  You are free to do whatever you’d like with your gift.  Some people crack it open, look through it, and decide to take it home to work on at another time.  No problem!

Other people open the gift and start getting creative with it right away!  To provide you with some inspiration, should you choose to work with items from your welcome kit, 4 Crafty Hearts create what we call our “Inspiration Boards.”  In creating these boards, each of the four of us took a welcome kit and let our creative juices flow!  We made scrapbook layouts, cards, tags, boxes, bows, and bookmarks!  I really enjoyed seeing how each of the four of us used the papers and embellishments in different ways.  (And was really flattered if someone at the crop decided to “scrap lift” one of our creations!!)

To help participants recreate our projects we provide a list of tools, papers (including sizes), and embellishments that are needed.

We created seven Inspiration Boards for our crop in November.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be sharing one Inspiration Board a week.  We’ll take a closer look at the projects and share what the photos don’t tell you- our thoughts, what we love, what was tricky, and some tips to help you recreate our paper crafts!  We hope you enjoy them!

Friends and Fun!

Gigi, Emily, Christine, and I are getting so excited about the upcoming Weekend Getaway!

I wanted to start our first blog post by sharing what crafting and a weekend getaway means to me.

Just like everyone else, my life can get a bit hectic.  I am devoted to my family, my faith, and my career.  It is easy to push time with friends and one of my favorite hobbies, crafting, down on the priority list.  One thing that has helped me remain a bit more balanced (although balance has always been something I am continually working toward) is setting aside regular time to get together with my friends doing what we mutually love – crafting.

It first started many years ago when a scrapbooking group was formed at our workplace and we all showed up that first night, hesitant but filled with enthusiastic anticipation.  We knew each other casually, but not very well.  We all knew what scrapbooking was, but none of us had much experience actually doing it.  The four of us showed up regularly, month after month.  We learned together about things such as page layouts, color selection, card making, and Cricut machines.  We discovered new techniques, like embossing and inking.  We were also together on the fateful night when we discovered Pinterest and absolutely no crafting got accomplished because we were all too focused on searching out and pinning great ideas!

The truth is, if I am being very honest, there are some months when we don’t actually get a whole lot of crafting done (gasp), because we are just enjoying the time to chat, catch up, and decompress from a long week.  Some evenings, no papercrafting gets done because we are all engaged in some other form of crafting, including working on Pinterest-inspired projects.  We have also learned we do not do a lot of crafting outside of being together because it is so much more fun to have someone with whom to share ideas and suggestions.

Recently, as life has become even busier, we started attending weekend crafting getaways both in and outside of the Rochester area.  During our most recent weekend, we started thinking about all of the wonderful things we would combine about all of our different experiences to create a weekend crafting event of our own, in our own city – and 4 Crafty Hearts was born!

Gigi, Emily, Christine, and I are each very different.  We are in different places in life, we have different beliefs and ideas about the world, and we bring our own unique perspectives to our friendship.  Through the years, we have shared so much of life together as well…supporting each other in happy times and in times of difficulty.  Our bond has become so much more than helping each other with a page layout.  Our friendship is centered on sharing life and sharing a common interest.

For me, this is what a crafting weekend getaway is all about – spending time with others who share a common interest, getting away for a bit, relaxing, creating new memories, and having a whole lot of fun!  We are getting increasing energized about the upcoming getaway and hope you will consider joining us for a weekend of fun, friendship, and creativity!

Happy Crafting!